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Think Without Constraints


Different and multiple views are important, while taking any decision. They help to take on-time informed decision. Suresh has expertise in few tools and technique which helps in resolving the problems and to convert them into opportunities.

Six different perspectives such as (a) positive, (b) new alternatives, (c) risks, (d) facts, (e) moderation and (f) emotions help in exploring many creative solutions, few of them would be beyond normal imagination.

He provides consultancy in the following areas.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bulk drugs
  • Chemicals and allied industries
  • e-commerce
  • Start-up
  • Marketing and business development
  • Project Management
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction
  • New product identification and development


In India or internationally, organizations compete and prosper on innovation. Suresh has a knack of thinking out of box and look for newer better innovative ways for everything. Take the example of naming individual development centreā€¦he coined a new term "Yuvalay" that is well received by all and it has become a brand. HT Patel, Yuvalay

Suresh possesses an analytical mind, which allows him to get to the root of the problem and evaluate different methods of solving the same. He is also focused in his approach. Dr Jayrajsinh Jadeja, Dean, The M S University of Baroda
+91 635 253 8032