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Think Without Constraints

Idea Factory

Conventional tools, structure and process are not enough for growth in today’s highly dynamic landscape. Organization has to think beyond mental constraints and create dynamic tools, robust structures and flexible processes. The answer lies in a magical word 'Innovation'.

Innovation is a strategic tool for growth and survival for the organization. Deep experience of Suresh in integration of various functions and processes phasing through innovation with close partnership with presidents and directors helped leaders to achieve business goals. He has observed the issues, analyzed the challenges, developed the solutions, helped to re-learn the organization from results.

So, how about giving us your workplace! We will establish an idea factory at your factory.

We will craft,

  • idea reception mechanism
  • shaping minds towards idea generation
  • developing employees and workmen in continual efforts for growth
  • application of tools and techniques
  • setting the ideas in interesting, motivating and relevant context
  • Interesting governance of reviews and implementation of ideas

Suresh has proven credential of establishing idea factory. He has led innovation initiative and won the laurel of 'best business unit in Innovation' in 2012 among 20+ such units in an Indian pharmaceutical MNC. The idea factory generated over 1200 ideas-suggestions and yielded benefits of Rs 20+ Cr (~USD 3 million). Isn’t it a good idea to have idea factory at your office or factory? Let’s end your search for new beginning by dropping an email to


I would describe Suresh, a great thinker having ability to think out of box, good orator and an influencer. He has ability to drive and manage the organizational initiatives and putting the things in an additional perspective. He has positive attitude and "can do" approach, which helps him in performing his role. His functional knowledge and various aspects of business are also commendable. Gautam Jain, Vice President – Operations, Zydus Group

It is my pleasure that I came across a wonderful person Mr Purohit, who is always interested in visualising and doing things in a novel manner. He has natural and also further sharpened by experience a perspective on innovation and suggestion system. I have closely seen him channelizing the people's energy and converting into visible results. His diversity of interest and managerial capabilities are added advantage to his professional services. I would not be surprised to see him as a successful person in whatever he does, as he is focussed and dedicated in completing task with always smiling face. Dr Sanjay Desai, VP - R & D, Cadila Healthcare Limited
+91 635 253 8032