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Think Without Constraints
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Suresh Purohit, often known as su_hit, has over 18 years of experience in varied fields of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, corporate review, marketing, it and techno-commercial management.

Taken an initiative of water saving by conceptualizing and starting Tanki ki Ghanti, an easy solution to stop wastage of water from overflowing of overhead tanks. It has saved so far over 2,00,000 litre water.

Innovator of Quizousie, an innovative format of quiz with blend of housie.

Unconstrained thinking

  • Led the idea factory at a large manufacturing organization (Indian MNC) for over 3 years, generated over 1200 ideas and yielded benefits of Rs 20+ Cr
  • His business division received ‘best business unit award’ across such 20+ divisions.
  • Participated in Shodhyatra (100 km learning walk) along with Padma Shri Prof. Anil Gupta (IIM-Ahmedabad).
  • Founded an innovative pan-India web portal for collaborative travel OliveTrips.com in Jun- 2011.
  • Padma Shri Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai launched the well acclaimed, fuel-saving, pioneering portal, which offers free and smart service for vehicle sharing (carpooling) to its registered users.
  • Greenroom Australia has proudly included OliveTrips.com in 5 great green business initiatives of the world. He has been honoured with ‘VNM TV Environment Excellence’ award in Jun-2013.
  • Founded another game-changer PharmaCupboard.com in 2016. The pan-India specialized e-marketplace facilitates sell and purchase of usable-unused materials. It connects pharmaceuticals, chemicals and all allied industries.
  • Frequently talks on ‘Six Thinking Dimensions’, ‘Break the rules – Change the game’, ‘Becoming Innovative’, ‘Change the habits’, ‘Positive thinking’, etc. His articles have been published in magazines and institution’s journal.

Ace Quiz Master

Suresh is one of the popular quiz masters in India, having conducted 30+ live quizzes in last 18 years in various organizations and institutions. His command over Hindi, English and Gujarati languages creates the magical aura to establish the connect with audience. He has penned down the questions for famous GK based TV quiz show Sawal Ek Lakhno telecast on ETV Gujarati channel 2010-2011. He has also conducted Sandesh Student of the year 2019 quiz for the entire Gujarat. He is a founder of Quizousie, a platform for quiz based game in the format of housie.

Associations and Communities

Suresh is a founding member of Vadodara Innovation Council, founded in May-2011, the idea was mooted by visionary and world renowned thinker Sam Pitroda. Suresh, a professional life member of All India Management Association, is proudly associated with Baroda Management Association as Managing Committee Member in 2013-14. He is a visiting faculty to The M S University of Baroda for PG Diploma courses. His contribution is not limited to corporate or academics, he reaches to society and community as well. He has served as a President and Treasurer of Rajpurohit Navyuvak Mandal Vadodara for 2015-2017 and 2017-19 respectively to bring new dimensions and value addition to the institution.


Su_hit had a bright academic career as he secured seventh rank in Vadodara City in HSC - Science. A chemical engineer from Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology (now, DDU), Mr Purohit has earned an MBA with distinction from prestigious Faculty of Management Studies – The M S University of Baroda. He has attended various short term courses on Creativity and Innovation.

Hobbies and Interests

Philately (postal stamp collection), cycling, anchoring, teaching and swimming

Value addition by team SU_HIT

Diversity and varied interests are special benefitting factors for Suresh. His team delivers services in following niche segments with noticeable impact.

Idea Factory

A setup to realize the power of unconstrained thinking for new processes, new products resulting into profit improvement.

Learning and Development

A series of programs to create conducive environment and being receptive to change.


Conducting quizzes on general as well as specific topics to impart knowledge along with fun.


Convert the problem into opportunity by thinking differently and generating good numbers of alternatives by usage of tools and technique.

Stakeholder Engagement

Employees, families, workmen, surrounding communities, vendors, agents, shareholders and customers can be engaged meaningfully through design and execution of systematic intervention. Let them feel that they are an important part of you.

Satisfied People


Quizzing is one of the divine forms of knowledge and fun. Suresh Purohit’s 15 years of long experience in quizzing put him in an elite league of quiz masters. He has organized quizzes for corporates, students and communities on various specialized themes such as business, GK, media, management and entertainment.

Saval Ek Lakhno

He has prepared questions for popular general knowledge based Gujarati TV game show ‘Saval Ek Lakhno’ telecast on ETV Gujarati in 2010-2011. Actress Mona Thiba hosted the show and it was directed by Jayendra Shah.


He has organized Baroda Management Association’s annual quiz as a part of management week celebration for five years in a row from 2008 to 2012. Suresh has organized quizzes for employees of companies of repute such as

  • Atul Limited
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Cadila Healthcare Limited (Zydus group)


  • Sparsh quiz in Ahmedabad was organized where 210 students of 7 different schools participated.
  • 14th Inter-school Quiz Competition (Mar Philoxenos Rolling Trophy) for 6th - 8th Standard students was organized in Dec-2012. In this special event, 21 schools and 63 students participated in Vadodara from different medium.
  • ITM Techno Quiz 2014-2015 sponsored by ITM Vocational University was organized at Sir Sayaji Nagar Gruh, Vadodara on 25-Apr- 2015. Total 160 teams (320 students) participated in this mega event. Electronic circuit lockout buzzers were used for real-time thrill.


  • Doctors and their families of Sabarmati Medical Association (Ahmedabad) have felt the thrill of his quiz in a different andaaz (style) in Jun-14.
  • He’s organized interesting event ‘Ek Cheez Milegi Wonderfull’, combination of quiz and puzzle at Rajpurohit Navyuvak Mandal Vadodara at C C Mehta Auditorium in Aug-2014.

Thinking about organizing a quiz?

Quiz is not about just questions and answers. In fact, it is much beyond the facts. Suresh’s team can do wonder for you with unique customized format. Discuss on hello@sureshpurohit.in and get interesting ideas.


I am happy to share that during my tenure as CEO of prestigious institute Baroda Management Association, Suresh Purohit had conducted two annual quizzes. Both were quite unique, interesting and had elements of fun. He conducted those events with energy and enthusiasm and met the expectations of organizers and audience. He is a person worth exploring for quizzes. Krishnadan Rohadia, Human Resources, Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Idea Factory

Conventional tools, structure and process are not enough for growth in today’s highly dynamic landscape. Organization has to think beyond mental constraints and create dynamic tools, robust structures and flexible processes. The answer lies in a magical word ‘Innovation’.

Innovation is a strategic tool for growth and survival for the organization. Deep experience of Suresh in integration of various functions and processes phasing through innovation with close partnership with presidents and directors helped leaders to achieve business goals. He has observed the issues, analyzed the challenges, developed the solutions, helped to re-learn the organization from results.

So, how about giving us your workplace! We will establish an idea factory at your factory.

We will craft,

  • idea reception mechanism
  • shaping minds towards idea generation
  • developing employees and workmen in continual efforts for growth
  • application of tools and techniques
  • setting the ideas in interesting, motivating and relevant context
  • Interesting governance of reviews and implementation of ideas

Suresh has proven credential of establishing idea factory. He has led innovation initiative and won the laurel of 'best business unit in Innovation' in 2012 among 20+ such units in an Indian pharmaceutical MNC. The idea factory generated over 1200 ideas-suggestions and yielded benefits of Rs 20+ Cr (~USD 3 million). Isn’t it a good idea to have idea factory at your office or factory? Let’s end your search for new beginning by dropping an email to hello@sureshpurohit.in


I would describe Suresh, a great thinker having ability to think out of box, good orator and an influencer. He has ability to drive and manage the organizational initiatives and putting the things in an additional perspective. He has positive attitude and "can do" approach, which helps him in performing his role. His functional knowledge and various aspects of business are also commendable. Gautam Jain, Vice President – Operations, Zydus Group

It is my pleasure that I came across a wonderful person Mr Purohit, who is always interested in visualising and doing things in a novel manner. He has natural and also further sharpened by experience a perspective on innovation and suggestion system. I have closely seen him channelizing the people's energy and converting into visible results. His diversity of interest and managerial capabilities are added advantage to his professional services. I would not be surprised to see him as a successful person in whatever he does, as he is focussed and dedicated in completing task with always smiling face. Dr Sanjay Desai, VP - R & D, Cadila Healthcare Limited

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Learning and Development

It’s time to change the horizon from training to learning & development (L & D).

We play role in creating conducive environment where people can learn and develop the skills on their own. It is achieved by conducting workshop on change management, thinking without constraint and aspiration realization. In this highly specialized module, our team shares learning points, conceptual levers and insightful extracts. It is deliberate mixture of case studies, success stories, learning from failures, video clips and hand-picked articles.

Case Study

Gyan-Setu, a customized learning initiative was launched at a factory having 700+ employees. The series of sessions were conducted through different methodologies such as book reviews, video screening, success stories, current affairs, industry practises and knowledge sharing over a period of two years. In between, the feedback analysis was carried out which supported the efforts with energizing results.


78% people found it appropriate in time duration,
while 22% found it short.
78% recommended enhancing the frequency from twice a month to once a week.
55% found it Inspiring,
45% found it full of knowledge, 32% rated Gyan-Setu as effective,
27% rated it as Helpful,
while 27% tagged it as Informative.
50% of attendees over 10 months, said that they always or often discuss the Gyan-Setu with others.


  • Cultivation of habits for unlearning and learning
  • Progressive culture leading to knowledge transformation
  • As an extension, a mini library was setup to address the curiosity of employees.
  • Gyan-Setu model was replicated to two different sites within six months.

Choose and make customized learning intervention from a decade long precious collection. Let’s join hands together in journey of learning. Discuss with us at idea@sureshpurohit.in


Mr. Suresh Purohit is excellent as a Quiz Master and a motivational speaker as well. He is full of energy, is spontaneous & adapts as per situation. He handles audience across different age gaps. For me he is 10/10 :-) Atul Dubey, Assistant General Manager - Academic Relations, ITM Group of Institutions

Suresh is quite, composed and focused person. He is also a good trainer and mentor to his juniors. He has good ability to forecast future events and therefore plan for the same well in advance. These attributes, along with his values like integrity, transparency and trustworthiness make him a value addition to organization. Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale, VP, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited

Stakeholders Engagement

Employees, workmen, their families, surrounding communities, vendors, shareholders and customers are partners
for growth. They can play vital role to accelerate and sustain the growth of organization, if engaged meaningfully.

Stakeholder engagement is a focussed and customized module to channelize the energies and making the bond with them. Let them feel the walk along the exciting journey. Treat the days, festivals, milestones and celebrations as an opportunity to reach out to them and restrenghthen the bond.


Suresh Purohit has conducted a GK Quiz 2014 (creatively titled by himself as SMArt Quiz) on our invitation; on installation ceremony of President Dr Dhirendra Sanandiya of Sabarmati Medical Association (SMA) has impressed us a lot. He has organized a General Knowledge quiz in very well organized and interesting style covering various areas. I found him very knowledgeable, kind and humble and down-to-earth personality. All the best for his various innovative projects. Dr Dipti Shah Sanandiya, Ahmedabad

Suresh is an out of box thinker. Always believes in thinking without constraints. He has been a founder of many great initiatives for engagement of stakeholders and connecting people together by unconventional means. Highly energetic with a great zeal towards different aspects of life makes him different and impactful personality. A humble leader, an obedient student, helpful colleague and most importantly a great human being who has touched life of many. Amit Sharma, GM - HR, Sun Pharmaceutical


Different and multiple views are important, while taking any decision. They help to take on-time informed decision. Suresh has expertise in few tools and technique which helps in resolving the problems and to convert them into opportunities.

Six different perspectives such as (a) positive, (b) new alternatives, (c) risks, (d) facts, (e) moderation and (f) emotions help in exploring many creative solutions, few of them would be beyond normal imagination.

He provides consultancy in the following areas.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bulk drugs
  • Chemicals and allied industries
  • e-commerce
  • Start-up
  • Marketing and business development
  • Project Management
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction
  • New product identification and development


In India or internationally, organizations compete and prosper on innovation. Suresh has a knack of thinking out of box and look for newer better innovative ways for everything. Take the example of naming individual development centre…he coined a new term "Yuvalay" that is well received by all and it has become a brand. HT Patel, Yuvalay

Suresh possesses an analytical mind, which allows him to get to the root of the problem and evaluate different methods of solving the same. He is also focused in his approach. Dr Jayrajsinh Jadeja, Dean, The M S University of Baroda

Knowledge Center

Practise the same game

Image credit: Y1997xf11 under CC BY-SA 3.0

The term 'team' strikes a chord well in today's context and resonates well across all genre. It is all about collaboration and relationship. It is all about enjoying the journey along with performance getting delivered. It is also about celebration and taking care of your teammates.

A team consisting of super talented, highly qualified members having hardworking attitude performs well in an organization. Operations head is working to increase the capacity of products of portfolio 'A'. Marketing manager is on the way to expand the market of products of portfolio 'B'. Business development expert is trying hard to develop new products in category termed as 'C'. Research in-charge is developing new process to reduce the cost of products of portfolio 'D'. Recruiting specialist is quite busy in recruiting persons for new technology yet to be absorbed by the organization. All, undoubtedly are working, to the best of their capabilities , but will they achieve the goal? Not sure! Let's park the question.

Read another scenario. Ravindra is practicing football. John practices cricket. Mathew puts energy to learn tactics of Kabaddi. The leader Mukesh gets engrossed in playing Hockey. All belong to same team and have to participate in Hockey tournament this season. What will be the outcome? You will agree that there's more probability of losing, as all the players had practiced different games.

Now, you have got 'the answer' for the performance of the above organization. Players of your team have distinct unmatched strengths and the leader has to gel the strengths of each teammate to get the desired result. Team is superior to any teammate. For achieving the best results, make sure that each member of the team practices the same game and work towards a single goal.

Department or Team – what will we need?

Image credit: The team by StaraBlazkova under CC BY-SA 3.0

Since the concept of industrial age and evolution of modern management, every company has evolved its own department structure. A company has various departments: Engineering, Projects, Purchase, R&D, Production, Logistics, Finance, Accounts, Human Resources, Administration, Quality Control, Vendor Development, Quality Assurance, New Business, New Product, After-sales Service, Promotion, CSR, Legal, Patent, Technical Services, etc.

Each department consists of people having common set of profile. You will find Cost Accountants or Chartered Accountants in Finance. You will find MBA-HR, MSW, MHRM, MLW in Human Resources. You will find BE/BTech, Diploma Engineers, ME/MTech in Engineering department. “The common educational qualification makes the department” that is the basic principle. Hence, all people in the department are trained by same set of theories, experiences and mindsets. Conventional problems can be solved by set of rules, theories, machines, policies, algorithms, analysis or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). That's working fine.

Then, how to tackle complex, non-routine and novel problems?

Department may fail, but team can succeed. Team can consists of people from varied background and a single goal. People from HR, Journalism, Copywriting, Navy, Engineering, former entrepreneur, former bureaucrat, digital media, researchers, procurement can form the team. This team will have real diverse background, different mindsets, unbiased approaches and fresh thoughts. Current or future complex problems will be solved easily and effectively delivering miraculous outcome by team. We may call it ‘Cross Functional Team’.

So let department do depart and welcome the TEAM !

Play with ideas to be (more) interestinng

Image credit: Park bench by layered under CC BY-SA 3.0

A beautiful face with a boring mind is boring. A beautiful body with a boring mind is also boring. A fit and healthy body with a boring mind is boring too. A clever mind can also be boring.

People spend a huge amount of time, trouble, care, worry and wealth on becoming or remaining beautiful. How much time do they spend on becoming interesting or becoming more interesting?

Part of being interesting is the ability to ‘play’ with ideas. Provided thing are not claimed as absolute truth and provided they are not accepted as absolute truth, there is the 'fun' of play.

It is what happens in your mind that makes you interesting. It is how you express what happens in your mind that makes you interesting. It is what you cause to happen in the mind of a listener that makes you interesting. (Connect these sentences with film director, RJ, story writer, product designer; and read again these lines)

The mind is one’s playground. It is one’s own garden. One play as he/she wishes.

It’s time to play. Game is always on.


Image credit: Thomas Nugent under Creative Commons License

Bringing new idea is not enough, it has to be taken to market to derive benefit or impact. To develop cutting edge in today's age, involvement of many (virtually all) people is highly essential. It would be of great risk to assign responsibility of innovation to handful of persons. It needs to be cultivated in the culture of organization in such a way so that everyone reiterates 'It-is-my-baby'. People of organization have to believe in PTS. Now, PTS has two apt meanings. First, Problem to Solution. One needs to change the focus from problem to solution. Organization does not need highly qualified and well-paid people to draw attention to unanalyzed problems. It is the era of bringing many alternative solutions to problem(s). The second meaning is about setting transparent, curious and questioning culture through punchline 'Puchcho to sahi'. No data or information is the property of any individual. They must be available in zero-time to people to analyse, interpret and correlate to churn new ideas. Assumption of not to ask or resource constraints kills many ideas before they can germinate.